Saturday, May 28, 2011

New Home

It would honor me if you continued to follow my blog at its new address at
I appreciate each and every follower I have here on Blogger and understand that Blogger followers can't necessarily follow on Wordpress. . .  But if you have Google Reader, you should be able to add my feed to it there. :)

Many thanks to those who've enriched my life by leaving comments here in the short time I've been blogging.  I look forward to seeing you at my new blog home. :)

Caturday May 28

Today's Caturday update brings us to an older photo of the princess, making every attempt to have herself discovered by management at our apartment complex.  Not that we were breaking our lease or anything. . .

We never did get in trouble at that apartment for the above non-specified issue. . .  However, things they were doing in violation of the lease agreement could've landed them in court if we'd been so inclined.  But that was two apartments back and about 50 miles away from here.  Practically a lifetime ago in when it comes to Contini's experience.

I hope everyone has a lovely weekend and a (reflective? patriotic?) Memorial Day.  What is the proper "greeting" for Memorial Day, anyway. . .?

Friday, May 27, 2011

On a Friday

Well, to be honest, I probably would've had my project from the last several WIP Wednesdays done. . .  If I hadn't done several of these smaller projects to ensure I had something to present today.  The more time that passes with this particular UFO (un-finished object, which should really be abbreviated UO but let's face it, that's not as fun) the more I find myself doing these little side projects (these and the array of octopuses) as insurance for Friday posts -- in addition to satisfying my instant gratification needs.  Is anyone else guilty of doing this?

I shouldn't gripe too much about them, though, because they were all fun.  Well, okay, almost all were fun.  (Click any photo for its larger version)


After seeing some stitch markers in various places online, I decided to make a few of my own. I've a ton of Swarovski crystals laying around from various past jewelry projects.  Naturally my stitch markers would require bling (this is me we're talking about). ;)  I posted sneak peeks of these over on Twitter and at my facebook account and got some positive responses. . .


So I made a set for my friend.  I don't consider any of these quite good enough to sell (sure I've been making jewelry for over two decades but my wire wrapping capabilities are still iffy) but they're good enough to give away. :D
I'm working on that wire wrapping thing, because I ultimately would like to sell stuff like this.

In an attempt to try making jewelry like this, I ended up. . .  with this random ring.  (In other words, despite having an instructional video on Youtube, I was unable to make anything even remotely close to the bracelet shown in the link above.)  I'm not giving up but I'm choosing to take a break from it for a little while to regroup.  Maybe find better instruction on Youtube -- or concise written ones.  Any ideas, anyone?
Moving along.

Before anyone asks where the real fiber FO is, I present this little guy:


I actually won the pattern for this platypus on the Winging-It blog written by E-Dreamer at the beginning of May. :)  Took me a couple weeks to getting around to making it.  Quick, very cute little pattern that I took one tiny liberty on (its tail).  If I can possibly reduce or eliminate sewing in my projects, I absolutely try.  (Which was the case with the tail on this project, and you'll see just how much I dislike hand-sewing -- and to what extent I avoid it -- when it comes to next weeks' FO Friday post.)
Anyway, I finished this one night after Earl took Contini to bed and I sneaked it into the computer room and left it on his keyboard as a little surprise gift. It went over very well, I think. :)

And lastly, before I forget: please go visit my new Artfire page.  If you liked the stitch markers, you should like my jewelry.  (Heck, if you like jewelry, you should go check it out -- I don't post my beaded creations on this blog nearly often enough, and this is a good way to see the kinds of stuff I make.)

I'm considering doing a give-away for handmade personalized stitch marker sets.  Would anyone out there in blog-land be interested?  Requirements I'm considering for the contest would be a comment here (I'd need to know who wants to play of course) and a comment on my "business" facebook page after the stitch markers are received.
Though I've received a ton of compliments on all pieces I've sent to friends and for the commissions I made, I've been unable to collect them where it matters for online business: in public, online.  And I suspect having feedback where people can see it would help my credibility. . .  Thus the second half of the requirements for the contest.  Any thoughts?

Once you're done link-hopping and leaving a response here if you're so inclined (I love feedback!), please click the image below to visit other bloggers who, I'm sure, have more fiber-related content and probably far-less self-promotion. ;)
Have a wonderful weekend and come back tomorrow for Caturday!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

So I hear. . .

Now some people are having problems commenting on Blogger.  I have also heard that it has to do with one specific comment setting/option.  I've altered that setting to one that I believe doesn't have any problems, so if you've commented in the past and comment again, you'll notice a little change.

Don't panic, it's no mistake. :)

I'll see you tomorrow for FO Friday! I've got a few little goodies to share.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Before the Cream Sits Out Too Long/You Must WIP It

(I'm currently waiting for breakfast. . .  And also running out of Devo lyrics with which to title these posts.)

Click photo to enlarge (beware blur)
It's totally not what it looks like.  I bet it looks like I've made zero progress since last week.  In reality:

Click photo to enlarge (beware blur)
This is what's going on.  The piece on the left is the back panel. The piece on the right, still on my needles, is the front panel. . .  And it's just about three inches from shoulder shaping!  (Which I'm quite eager for.)

I was hoping perhaps this could be my FO Friday project but I've had even less time to dote on this pattern. . .  Because of stuff like this (if you watched the video, I have a simple yes/no question for you: did you watch it the full way through?). . .
And this:
Click photo to enlarge
Contini has discovered the community playground and is quite in love with it, as you can see. :)

Edit: Boo, hiss.  I changed my "reaction" options for my posts and in doing so, Blogger ate up all the reactions I've received over the last few months.  Ah well.  :(

Monday, May 23, 2011

Unthemed Monday!

I don't do too many unthemed posts.  They just feel awkward to me.
I was actually going to whine and moan in this post about Contini's eating habits lately, and then he suddenly decided to be all about raisins.

And then DH decided to update our podcast.  So all bets regarding this post were off. ;)

You should watch the following video if:

1. You've enjoyed the videos I've previously shared
2. You've got a good sense of humor
3. You don't mind a little bit of bawdy or the occasional (written) bad word (I don't want anyone getting offended!)
4. You like things like renaissance faires
5. You like cute children (I'm biased, I know!)

Without further ado. . .

[Begin shameless self-promotion]
We always welcome comments wherever you feel like leaving them (here, our website, on Twitter, on Facebook, via message in a bottle).
[End shameless self-promotion]

Wednesday we will return to our regularly scheduled programing.  Anticipate my complaining about the mesh cover-up which will never be finished. . .  ;)