Sunday, December 19, 2010

I have Diamond-y fingernails

(First off: I enabled anonymous comments. Please participate in my blog by replying, but be aware that comments are screened so I get to view them before the public does. Bloggers prerogative.)

I find it sad and increasingly disturbing that a bad night at my home is marked by late-night laundry and vacuuming.

As we fast approach Contini's second birthday, I'm going to go out on a limb and declaring that he has some sort of stomach bug (as evidenced by diaper-leavings and upward stomach momentum), but I'll save you the gruesome details. He's drifting off to a relatively early sleep on the sofa next to me with a bottle in his mouth.

During the aforementioned vacuuming, the Earl got a little too close to the tree skirt. No worries, the tree skirt is fine. Unfortunately, the vacuum we obtained not even three months ago busted a belt. Would you believe this is now the second time this scenario (almost exactly!) has happened to us? I hear hell is repetition. . .

Tomorrow is a rare night off for us as the little one will be visiting with his grandparents. He is now asking for Granddad by name, which makes me so happy for him (Granddad).

I haven't much else to say (believe me, I've been wanting to update the blog but. . . with what?), so I'll go ahead and make a few updates to my Project List.

Current projects: Crochet Jellyfish keychain, Crochet blocks blanket (just purchased a few more skeins of Caron Simply Soft for that), knitted lace scarf for Mom with Vanna's Glamour yarn.

Just finished: Pouch for new phone, Patternless hat, crochet hook BLINGBLING! FIMO handle (One of these days with photos!)

On the horizon: Knitting for charity: Hats for soldiers, more customized crochet hook handles, more jewelry, writing (fanfiction, SIGH)

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