Friday, December 31, 2010

It CAN'T be 2011

Well, it's not. I mean, not where I live, and not yet. :p

I did my usual hubby's payday verification today only to find out he got 2 direct deposit transactions, one of which I'm guessing (by its perfectly rounded amount) is a bonus we had no idea he was getting. It's not as generous as his former employer was (nor my employer-prior-to-former-employer), but it's better than a poke in the eye with a rusty needle. (How's that for changing a cliché?) ;)
At least it will make me feel a little less guilty about going to buy stuff I've been putting off buying.

Of course there's a hockey game tonight when I really want to price check at Tuesday Mornings and Ross for a few items after hubby gets off work. . .

Anyway, I wanted at least a brief post on this, the last day of 2010. Happy New Year to my 4 followers (only 2 of which I think are actually reading) and I'll see ya in 2011! Don't forget the date when you write those checks! ;)

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