Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Don't You/Forget About Me

After a little over a fortnight I find a few items to update my blog with. I didn't forget about you, sweet blog. :)

The photos (left) poorly show off a random headband I made, doing the Moebius thing I apparently love and playing with a basketweave style stitch. These are the type things I do when I have no real projects to fiddle with. (Which actually isn't the case but it doesn't stop me from doing these things anyway.)
I still need to photograph a bunch of my other FOs. One of these days maybe?

Today I finally paid a visit to my city library for the first time (we moved to this area in July 2010) and I've gotta say how thoroughly impressed I was with virtually everything about it. Mind you the last library I visited was in our previous hometown which was small and old and didn't have much selection. This library was big, and new, with a beautiful view of one of the city parks in a little valley below it. It had rows and rows of books (OK, it's not exactly the sprawling library like that of downtown Los Angeles but WOW) and a fantastic children's library with these cool stylized rocking chairs. Well done, Riverside county. Well done.
I immediately filled out a library card application (one of few things about which I don't have to hold my breath on a credit check) and noticed a pile of books sitting by the woman who helped me at the front desk. I had to ask about one book in particular and after checking its status, she asked if I wanted to check it out.
I did, indeed, borrow The Looking Glass Wars. It's me and 358 pages versus the 2-week borrowing period. I'm afraid I know which (or rather who) is going to lose.
However, this is becoming the first book of this reading challenge. I know I'm kinda breaking a rule but at this point I'll just be happy to get reading ANYTHING.
Plus, rules are made for breaking, aren't they? :p

On the hockey end of things: Not much to comment on except it's another road trip for the Anaheim Ducks. We don't seem to do well away from home so that in itself is bothersome. We're one game in to a four-game road trip and so-far-so-OK. Tomorrow we play the Toronto Maple Leafs . J.S. Giguere is slated to play as goalie for the opposing team. I love him and was destroyed when they announced his trade from the Ducks last year. I don't foresee any happy ending to tomorrow's game. Of course I want my boys to win, but not at my favorite goalie's expense. And the worst thing is I can't NOT watch it. Sometimes I hate you, hockey. SO. MUCH.

I'm going to go ahead and update my Projects List as things have changed quite a bit in the last couple weeks.

Current projects: Ribbon and lace scarf, knitted lace scarf for Mom with Vanna's Glamour yarn.

Just finished: Basketweave pattern Moebius headwrap, Patternless crochet & knit hat for hubby, crochet hat for baby and knitted hat for myself (we're taking a vacation to the cold soon so I bought Fisherman's Wool and went to town!)

On the horizon: Knitting for charity: Hats for soldiers, more customized crochet hook handles, more jewelry, writing (fanfiction, SIGH), wristers, socks and maybe sewed stuff (many thanks to a thoroughly awesome friend for FINALLY teaching me how!) ♥

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