Friday, January 28, 2011

I'm hooked!!

That missing inspiration I mentioned in my previous post? I think I found it.

During her visits to teach me how to sew (a renaissance bodice -- see the WIP, left), my good friend and the author of Yet Another Creative Blog has been bringing along a scarf she's been working on. (Check out her blog post dated Wednesday, January 19, 2011.)
I can't even begin to tell you how impressed I was with it.

After thinking and stewing about it -- and with no other projects I have the urge to work on (we'll ignore Mom's lace scarf sitting on a stitch holder currently, *POUT*) -- I decided to see if I could conquer this Tunisian Knit Stitch deal. Previously my only venture into afghan-style crochet has been the Tunisian Simple Stitch, which took me much too long to figure out.

This experience was quite different (likely benefiting my previous experience with Tunisian Simple Stitch), resulting in a darn near spontaneous understanding of what I was supposed to do. Without looking at photos or viewing a video. This pleased me greatly.

And so, not wanting to undertake a project too involved, I just started with what will be either a skinny faux knit scarf or a faux knit scarf for the little boy in my life. :) (It's all of 20 stitches wide.)

Pictures will be forthcoming when I'm further along in the project and/or have decided what I'm doing with it. YAY!


Anonymous said...

hummmmmm you may not know it but Danielle and her husband both work booths at the festival here local as well as the one in northern california

venividivoom said...

I'm glad, and surprised, that I was able to inspire you :) The knit stitch is surprisingly easy isn't it?

Contessa said...

"Anonymous" - I did NOT know that! I'm really going to need to chat with her about that. Do you suppose they will be doing that this coming faire season with their new little ones, though?
It's funny how out of costume, it can be really hard to recognize people. I've probably seen them at faire LOTS of times.

Venividivoom - It feels great to inspire others, doesn't it? :) I only wish I was able to do that way more often. I think it's one of the best compliments to receive. And yeah, the knit stitch was surprisingly easy to pick up and I still can't get over just how much it looks (and acts!) like real knitting. (The backside does look a little different though, and I notice the crochet version is a little thicker front to back. But if you won't tell anyone, I won't.) ;)