Thursday, January 27, 2011

Reading, wire and missing inspiration

I'm excited to announce (and no one else will care) that I finished the first book of The Looking Glass Wars series. I finished it in just a couple days, which for me as a feat! As I reached the end of that book, I hurried to the library website to place a hold on the second book (Seeing Redd) -- and since then I've placed a hold on the third book as well. I guess I'm hooked! I feel so good to be getting to read again. :)
It may not have been the purpose of the reading challenge for which I signed up, but it served my purpose quite well. I figure once I get through what I can get from the library (all three LGW books and two of the three Hatter, M. books) I might start on that list from my personal collection. Maybe I'll get in a LOT of reading this year! One can only hope.

After considering getting back into wire work, I finally succeeded in creating something new.

I am happy to consider this a success, given that I've tried since I was quite little to make something wire-wrapped that looked halfway decent. My mother wire-wrapped in the years prior to my birth and she was incredibly good at it. I always figured I would be but have been massively disappointed. There's so much wire-work I want to do and now that I've done this, I have some hope I may be able to get those other ideas out of my head successfully. At long last!

Have a photo of a previously FO:

This is my crocheted net Moebius shawl. The colored yarn was hand-dyed by me with a slow cooker and Kool-Aid. Seriously, after seeing what this stuff does to fiber, I'm never drinking it again -- nor letting my son touch it.

While I've been thinking a lot about projects and having tons of ideas for crocheted projects, knitted projects and jewelry (among a few other random crafts), I've been having problems with the yarn stuff, much as I want to do something. . . Anything! This kind of creative-block is like being constipated. Frustrating. I've started several crochet/knit projects only to frog them with a shrug. I need to either find a perfect pattern for the yarn in my possession or. . . just. . . find whatever craft-Metamucil I can to get past this.
Kind of hoping my upcoming vacation will provide the inspiration for knitting and crocheting I've temporarily misplaced.

Currently working on a needle holder. Not too thrilled with it but I'm determined to finish the stupid thing.

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