Monday, January 3, 2011

Starting 2011 off right. . .


After procrastinating for months, we got our shots at a nearby Walgreens. Our health insurance used to boast free flu vaccinations but recently that's changed. A shame, as getting a poke-in-the-arm-with-a-sharp-needle is NOT cheap. Sixty dollars later, I'm not entirely sure which part of the process is the "added insult to injury" portion of it.

I definitely appreciate the retractable needle because between that and knowing JUST where to put it and how to position me, it was impressively and practically painless (all except the $30 per shot thing, I mean).
And it turns out that the guy who administered our vaccines had a neat little story; the first flu shot he ever gave was on Kevin Costner.
Hubby and I are officially one degree away from him! Who knew?
So I suppose that puts us two away from the center of the known universe, Kevin Bacon.

(Have I put enough famous names in this post that it appears on all Internet search engines?) ;)

While I've been typing up this post, Hubby has erected a play (ball) tent in the living room for our son. The boys seem to really be enjoying it. Oh, boys.

The little one picks up so much so fast these days. Watching the acquisition of language and the birth of verbal communication in a little human is nothing short of remarkable.
He and I were laying in bed the other night with the door closed and the cat milling around in our hallway.
Here is a transcript of what transpired.







To this point I'm not sure how he pieced that last remark together. I do suppose these are things he's picked up from his shows on TV but he puts sentences together so well and has a startlingly good grasp of the plural form (which is he exceedingly careful to pronounce).

I have yet to start on the reading challenge but on the bright side I did buy more yarn (the local craft stores had sales; I couldn't resist). I am hoping to have three hats made before our coming trip midwest. Can I do it?
Only time will tell!

Happy New Year and may your 2011 be filled with health and happiness and may we all prosper.

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handlebars19 said...

The boy is getting so smart! And he's getting bigger too from the pictures I've seen online.

And HA aren't I smart for figuring out how to post using my LJ... or was it just a lucky guess since I didn't know I could post a comment from my LJ just I saw it on the 'comment as' drop down?