Friday, February 25, 2011

Aging can KMA.

As I age, I find the things I like about myself are gradually falling apart. I should have been a hand model. I also had really pretty feet.
Well, they're still pretty (and I don't have cankles, honest, contrary to what the photo seems to show -- I took it at a REALLY bad angle apparently) but my left one is threatening me with bad, bad things. (REALLY bad things, but I don't want to go into that -- especially if there is a possibility that the apparatus shown can fix and then prevent said bad things.)

I guess that's what I get for being barefoot as much as I possibly can be, and by wearing flip-flops as much as I can when I'm forced to wear something on my feet. /sacrasm

But seriously though, wearing this thing (nights only) makes me feel a little like the Bionic Mommy. Which I will admit is kinda cool. Because I'm weird like that.

On the creative front, I'm thrilled to have a sudden desire to write. Meanwhile my mother's scarf is gathering dust (AGAIN). Those of you out there who have multiple hobbies: how on earth do you balance them? I've been a hobby whore for most of my life and I have yet to master the act of not neglecting some while indulging in the others.

I touched my One Story (The Story) for the first time since Nov 2009. To say it felt good is an understatement. I'm hoping to have a massive update for it coming up in the next few months, where I'm also hoping there will be a HUGE website-related surprise to go along with it. (I realize this is the type thing only I will care about, but it means a LOT to me. Just have to wait until midmonth for the cha-ching to go through with it!) :)

Kinda thinking of posting a preview. Anyone wannie (that's Contini-speak for "want")?

On the Puck front: I continue to resent the trade of J.S. Giguere (I realize that was over a year ago and I need to get over it and move on -- NEVER!!!) but seriously, the goalie situation for Anaheim just seems to go from bad to worse with variations of abysmal. I'm not sure how to feel about the new trades or the state of our "#1," Jonas Hiller. It's just disappointing considering how much talent we have on this team and how despite that, we're struggling -- again -- to make the playoffs. Seriously, boys, don't make me find a new team. Cuz I love a couple of you just way too much to cheat on you. :p


foxx278 said...

Going barefoot and wearing flip-flops for long periods of time can have really bad after effects on not only your feet, but the rest of your body (I've seen this before...this could lead to upper body pain, especially in the back). Flip-flops are not the most comfortable of footwear for anyone. It's not too late for help, though. If there are any places that specialize in foot health (i.e. specialized footwear or insoles for shoes), go to them and see what they can do for you.

Still in all, no matter what anyone else says, I still stand by my saying you have absolutely beautiful feet, big sis!

Don't know what is is you're writing, but I might be a little interested in seeing. Now it makes me want to get back to writing my Rowan Adventures stories (which I haven't touched since at least 2005).

Anonymous said...

None of the goalies the Ducks have are worth a hill of beans. People complain that Big Mac was "spotty" and "streaky" -- but nobody seems to notice that Hiller is not much better. I hope one of the newbies surprises us all and comes to remind the Ducks what having a *REAL* number one goalie is like. Hills ISN'T one... still only a backup goalie at best.

venividivoom said...

I'm actually pretty good at juggling different projects. Like if I know that I need to write something by such and such date, but I also have something I'm sewing and another thing I'm crocheting, I'll focus on the writing with brief breaks to either crochet or sew to break up the monotony.

If I have three different things I need to crochet or sew... well that's when I begin to suck at the juggling. I find that I'll just obsess over the one thing that needs to be done soonest until it's done and so on and so forth.

As for the writing you're doing - you know I'm always game to read your stuff!

As for the hockey... well, you could dump your nancy boys and come to the darkside. We actually have a good goalie, and we have Marco Sturm (nom)

Contessa said...

@foxx: It's not like I'm walking a lot barefoot. I understand it's important to have arch supports and all that. However, the particular problem I'm facing is *typically* a result of footwear. My remark about being barefoot was mostly to point out "this is not a result of my footwear". . . Instead, it's a genetic ailment -- which I had confirmed through my FB contacts. Joy. My "health insurance" won't cover podiatrists I'm sure (they don't cover much and charge a lot for it!) but so far the issue I'm having can typically be corrected and prevents by OTC products such as what I photographed myself modeling. :) It's the extreme cases that result in surgery, which I am hopefully able to avoid. Turns out I'll likely need new shoes in the near future, though, and special inserts for them. Eh, it's about time I treated my tootsies well. Most I ever did for them is paint my nails. (And thank you for the compliment -- I'm trying to keep them looking nice for the small fanbase they have.) ;)
Also, the writing I was referring to was my Darkwing Duck fanfiction. (It's usually the one I refer to when I "go back" to writing.)

Contessa said...

@"Anonymous": I know who you are! DundunDUN! :) Your comments about "spotty" and "streaky" make me wonder if these men are getting their periods. I guess it just goes along with the theme of sexually suggestive dialog that hockey commentators seem to enjoy using. So far? Newbie fail. *sigh*

Contessa said...

@venividivoom: (double-and-triple-checking to make sure I spelled that correctly) I suppose it would serve me well to at least create self-imposed deadlines for myself. Without them, I don't have any rhyme or reason for what I choose to work on -- unlike what you described here. I tend to go all-out on one thing but neglect everything else. (I can't even balance my yarn projects! I'm either ONLY crocheting, or ONLY knitting.) I can't write if I'm drawing -- and apparently I REALLY can't draw if I'm writing, as I discovered tonight. Much to my chagrin.
If I get antsy I can force myself to work on something else but doing so typically leads to failure.

As for the writing (YAY I love you!) -- I want to share something from what's coming up in the near future. It's hard for me to pick when I don't want to have spoilers but want to show something to whet my readers' appetites. I'll see what I can dredge up. :)

I can't dump my nancy boys while one of my three NON nancies are still on the team. But I may secretly start seeing another team on the side. If I were to do that, though, I'd pick a team with a really long track record. And never EVER forgive myself or discuss it publicly.
And hey, there's more to liking hockey players than their looks. (HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA I can't say that with a straight face, aww.) ;)

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