Thursday, February 17, 2011


I didn't forget about this blog (have I said that before?) -- I was on vacation with my family in Nebraska. :)

Anyway, we're home again and trying to get back into our routines. I think I shall start my routine by going to my local Stitch 'n' Bitch meetup group.

Currently working on a crocheted Blue (from Blue's Clues) for Contini and hoping that will be done soon. I have a few projects I need to get photographed so I can share them, and I will share a few photos from the trip we took.

My Etsy shop is off vacation mode and I'm considering adding a few pieces specifically for St. Patrick's Day. Regrettably I wasn't able to do that for Valentine's Day, which I really would have liked.

My mind is everywhere at once (the usual upon returning from an adventure like we had) and I'm hoping in a few days I can organize my thoughts well enough to write a little about our trip.

But most importantly I am happy to report I'm back and updating! WOOHOO!

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