Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Functional Fixedness of a Fork

Little one was helping himself to "fweh fwies" for lunch today but is going through this phase(?) where he doesn't want to actually touch the food with his fingers. After attempting to manipulate the fries on his plate and eat them by leaning in and biting, he condescended to using a toddler fork. We've not had much success with the self-feeding involving utensils previously but bit by bit, it seems to be improving.
Today after working several fries with the fork on his own, he decided he was done using the fork for its intended purpose. Let's just say my two-year-old now has the mentality of a Disney teenage mermaid.
I suppose I should just be happy he didn't opt to shove the thing down his diaper prongs-first!
Now. . . To find where he hid the thing!!

I finished the Blue plushie, all save a pair of eyes (done with black and white felt) and I'm not entirely pleased with the result. The pattern left off a few details and I think when I have the time and money to purchase new yarn, I will make a version 2.0. If I can get a photo of Contini playing with it, I'll post it. Otherwise, look out for version 2.0 later this year. :p

No St. Patrick's Day merchandise for my Etsy shop. Perhaps I can start making themed merchandise a year or so ahead of time for the following year. But at this point, I'm disappointed -- not surprised -- at the lack of success I'm having on Etsy. Thanks to Woman's Day magazine, I've discovered other sites where I might have more success (and one is free to use, unlike Etsy, with the requirement of a certain amount of merchandise, which I qualify for). I think I may let my listings expire (next month) and whatever doesn't sell gets moved elsewhere. I really like Etsy but I don't think I'm going to see the success I'd like unless I branch out from jewelry, something I can't do for some time. If I leave Etsy, I'll likely eventually come back, depending on how things go elsewhere.

I started on a granny stripe blanket (made out of blue Caron I've had sitting around) and I think that will be the project that accompanies me to my Stitch 'n' Bitch evenings. I was just telling a couple ladies how I wanted to commit to a larger-scale project so I'm pleased to "put up." It is a prototype (seems that's all I do these days!) for future blankets, including a gift for my father. :)

Speaking of gifts, I'm back to work on the lace scarf I'm making for my mother. It's going much faster now than when I first started it and I've added several inches over the last couple evenings.

With my father's help and thanks to inspiration from someone else's stroke of brilliance, I have a new yarn holder (made from an old DVD cannister). I had to whip up a cozy for it (because you know, I wouldn't want anyone to see the yarn I'm working with?) -- one of these days I may even be able to get some photos.
It's funny, I have the capability to do that myself but it seems like the hardest damn thing to actually accomplish!! Perhaps that should have been my New Years resolution. ;)

More to come, maybe even with photos (what?!)!

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