Wednesday, February 2, 2011

I can haz an accomplished?

○ Resume done and sent where it needed to go.

○ Taxes done and mailed. (We're coming, State of CA Franchise Tax Board. . . You've been warned.) :D

○ Next Big Project™ is drying from felting process. Holy moly, mother of CRAP the dye didn't bleed or otherwise fade. My hand-dyed yarn is up to the task of being felted! Can't tell you the happy this makes me!! I can trust my Kool-Aid dyeing to withstand vigorous and harsh washing conditions, which makes me feel better about selling anything that I've hand-dyed. (Not that the thought has crossed my mind.) ;) Further, the obvious: I can felt my hand-dyed yarn! WOOT!

○ Acai-blueberry green tea is made and cooling. It smells all tea-y and yummy in here right now.

○ Geckos will have their habitat moved out into the main room tonight (kitty will be happy to see her pets again; it's been years) and cleaned.

Now I twiddle my thumbs and wait for the felted object to dry so I may continue the project. My thumbs will be calloused soon, I think. *not known for patience*

In other news, my little boy is a wreck. He's been sick for about a week now. Thankfully we didn't experience the nightmare known as infant/toddler fever (this time) but he has one hell of a watery-sounding cough and his nose has been in constant-run-mode. That sweet little delicate skin just below his nose (on either side of the philtrum) is raw and looks rash-y from all the wiping and mucous it's endured. I hope there's marked improvement before Saturday.
Except for the nose and cough, he's in much the same spirits he's usually in (including getting a second wind last night after 10 PM and literally racing around the living room. . . he's taking lessons from the kitty).

I started copying the episodes of Blues Clues we recorded off our DVR and onto DVDs. We have over 80 episodes and I know it's just a fraction of the total episodes produced, but at least we can free up some space on the DVR. I'm only on the 4th episode; I've a loooong way to go.

Last on my list (but not last on my mind) is the hockey game tonight! Our first game in over a week, I feel a little deprived! I was also hoping to see our captain back on the ice, but it looks like it's not in the cards for another week yet. *pout*

Plenty more updates to come. I sure hope my felting dries soon!! I'm eager to continue work on it!

I will leave you now with a link to my Etsy account's Facebook page. Please join me over there and 'like' what you see! ♥

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