Wednesday, February 23, 2011


I made myself do it. I just couldn't stand not having photographic evidence of the stuff I've worked on, so here we go!

My first felted object! This was also made with yarn I dyed with Kool-Aid and was thrilled (and shocked?) at the color-fastness of kids' drink powder. Wanted to go with something more-or-less Duck-themed. Conveniently I did not photograph the embroidery-fail on the "front" of the purse. You needn't see that. ;) This was tunisian-crochet (knit stitch), hand-sewn zipper and hand-sewn lining. This project was MANY firsts all rolled up into one more-or-less satisfactory result. Will I do more? Hell yes. I learned SO much about many things with this single project and I know subsequent projects will be SO much better for it.

Aforementioned granny stripe blanket prototype. I have one more shade of blue and then a cream to throw in and I'm back to these colors. . . No clue how big this sucker is going to be by the time it's finished. Taking bets now as to how soon I get good and sick of this project! ;)

Mom gift WIP. I took several photos of this and it just does NOT want to photograph even a 10th as beautiful as it really is.

Belated Christmas gift (what?!) was delivered during our trip to NE. :)

Yarn cannister, courtesy my awesome father. (His old cannister, his drill and hacksaw -- and his effort -- went into this, not that it was much effort. He was pleased that for once a "project" he undertook was completed in ten minutes or less. Lately the things he has to work on take days or weeks to finish. Oy.)

My addition to the cannister -- its cozy. I can't decide if it looks more like a fancy top hat or a cake. . . Either way it was a quick and easy project.
And of course, now that I look at the photo, I realize I photographed the 'wrong' side of it. D'oh.

All pictured out? Good, 'cuz I am. ;)


venividivoom said...

The purse looks awesome! I also really love the granny stripe blanket.

I may have to steal the DVD cannister as a yarn holder idea <_< .... >_>

Contessa said...

Thank you! :)

Wish I could say the cannister idea was mine, but alas I'm not that inventive/clever. Please feel free to do the same thing -- I opted to leave the center thing intact (sawed down about an inch though) but you can completely remove it if you don't care to sit the yarn on a 'spool.'
If you crochet a cozy for it, I wanna see! :D

venividivoom said...

I don't know if I'd crochet something for it... I may paint it though... Hmmmmmmmm.