Sunday, February 27, 2011

What the heck was that?

Contini had a super late night last night. He hasn't done that in quite some time. Woke up yesterday around 10 AM, took what turned into a nap from 7 PM to 10:30 PM. I think he might have been down for the night if he hadn't fallen asleep on the couch and SOMEONE wouldn't stop making noise (lookin' at YOU, cat!). (Yeah, and DH wants another Himmy after this one, because it's great to have a cat that barks and howls louder than most small dogs?)
He woke around 10:30 and proceeded to stay up until 2 AM. He got only 6 hours of sleep last night and has been extremely moody today (super happy at times, absolutely miserable other times). Fun.

Anyway, while the little one slept next to me on the couch last night, we watched Sex and the City on E! and I wrote. It was strange. I've worked on my "One Story" in tiny itty bitty bits and pieces over the last year and few months but what I've written has not been especially good, nor long (not that length is of consequence). Most importantly (more importantly than it being lousy?!), what I've written had little to do with where I left off when I was working on this project regularly.
Finally I found myself ready to pick up where I left off and I had all my tools laid out and everything ready. I stared at this blank piece of lined paper knowing just what I needed to write and how it should be written. And in the moments before I began, my pulse was racing and I was sweating. I was nervous about it. What. The. Freakin'. HELL.?!
That was an entirely new experience for me and for the life of me I haven't a clue as to what it was.

I pushed through it and wrote. I spent Contini's entire "nap" writing almost continually. Pretty, neat writing in beautiful orderly fashion. Like the way I used to, before yarn consumed my entire being. There are no words (ha, from a writer?!) to describe how good that felt. I ended up with several scenes done and that much closer to being able to update that story. :) One of them may even be great as a little sneak preview of what's coming.
I have plenty more to work on and the drive to do it. YAY! I miss this feeling.

On an entirely unrelated and completely inconsequential note: Charlie Sheen, you're acting like a big fat baby and spoiled BRAT. You can't expect to open your mouth and say bad things about the hand that feeds you and not expect your food to be withdrawn. You did that show and "never got thanks" for it? WHAT THE HELL WAS YOUR PAYCHECK? Moron. (I'd have tweeted that but there was no way I could keep that to 140 characters or less. Thank you, blog, for being my 'whipping boy.') ;)

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