Saturday, March 12, 2011

Another Caturday, Another Picture

Miranda used to love to writhe against the phone book when we left it on the floor. I used to like to say it was her way of showing affection to my employer, as that was who provided the money that went to pay for her food. (The publisher of that phone book, TransWestern Publishing, became Yellowbook USA. I had worked there for 4 years when the San Diego office was closed and we were laid off.)

I know that story seems a little random in context, but I've been thinking about employment a lot in the last couple weeks, as I've resumed searching for a place to work.

So far this search's track record goes like this:

22 applications or resumes sent (split just about 50/50 between retail and office jobs)
1 call and interview
1 rejection following interview

In the 16 years years I've been interviewing for jobs, this is the first time I've been told "no" following an interview.
I'm relieved because I disliked how far I'd be driving for a job without health benefits (my main reason for pursuing work) and it would be a YEAR before paid vacation would kick in. Stingy? HELL YES.
I'm disappointed because I've never been rejected at this point. This has depressed me pretty wildly. I suspect it'll pass relatively soon. There are worse things, right?
I'm angry. I'm really angry, actually, because it was such a rush to get this interview. . . That instead of leaving the little one in a daycare facility, I had to ask my parents to watch him. That typically would not be a problem but they had plans for the day which were completely ruined for a prospect that didn't come to fruition. (And something tells me in retrospect that they never had any intent of hiring me. . . talk about a waste of time, effort, gas money -- which is a LOT when I filled my tank at over $40!)

So back to Yellowbook. That was my favorite employer, by far. I had the option of transferring to King of Prussia to continue my employment with them when we were laid off. The paperwork was all set and the move was all prepared and then all sorts of little fees and extras started popping up and it was about two weeks prior to our move when we realized there was no way we could actually afford the move. And so we stayed, and I took the severance package.
Part of the severance agreement was that I would not seek employment with the company again for five years. That was in April of 2007. Is anyone thinking what I'm thinking? ;) I've already been snooping around and unfortunately the only positions available nearby are sales. Sigh.

So I continue my job search. I suppose the good thing about tenacity is that when I'm kicked down, it makes me more resolute to succeed, even -- especially -- through anger and disappointment.

Meanwhile I've been watching what's going on in Japan. There's nothing like natural disaster to make your personal problems seem completely and entirely petty. It's been disheartening to watch one awful thing following another out there. They just can't seem to catch a break. :( If I had a job, I'd be more than happy to send my money out to help them. :(

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