Saturday, March 19, 2011

Caturday March 19

For some reason lately I've been a lot more aware of the changing of the seasons. I welcomed Winter with much anticipation and eagerness for relief from the hot temperatures of Inland California.
I find myself strangely excited for the coming of Spring despite the coming of weather that I don't like as much as Winter's. I think -- after almost 15 years of going to Renaissance Faires -- that a lot of my excitement is realizing that this weather is the harbinger of another year of faires.
And more opportunities for going to the zoo, and aquariums, and theme parks. . . Which is a bigger deal now than it was a few years ago before we had a little boy who's excited to learn and get into everything he can. ;)

But this year, unlike years past, I'm noticing that the changing of the seasons is bringing out a whole new side of me. My tastes in color choice for projects is evolving into pastels and bright cheery colors. With apologies for the POOR photo quality, please check out the pearl jewelry I just made yesterday. . . (That's a bracelet with charms and a pair of earrings.) I hand-knotted the pearl bracelet, which was only the third time I've done that sort of stringing. I still need a little practice -- I followed this up with a necklace -- but I've found that hand-knotting is quickly addicting. I'm still debating whether it's worthwhile to pick up a knotting tool. The bracelet shown here was done with just a needle and thread.)

I also have a hat and headband I'm working on that is all sorts of cheerful yellows and pinks and greens. Yes, I'm using Bernat Softee baby yarn but it's just perfect for what I needed. :)

In the near future I'm going to start posting reviews, by-the-way. . . Of knitting/crocheting patterns and of places where I purchase items related to crafting (this will typically be knitting/crocheting/yarn related stuff). Doing the reviews came to me in a dream -- okay, no, not really. But I kind of feel like it was one of those strokes of brilliance. I hope my reviews can help others by guiding toward great patterns and keeping others from making the same mistakes I have. . .

And now I shall watch a kids show teach my son about dinosaur poop. (Yes, I'm serious.)

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