Saturday, March 26, 2011

Caturday, March 26

To commemorate another Caturday: another photo of the cat that won't shut up. In her defense, it's been a pretty rocky past few days for her.
We had some unholy goings-on in our kitchen floor for the past few months (a rogue nail was insisting on coming up through the vinyl and eventually came to completely breaking through it) and had maintenance come out and have a look. (Have I mentioned that not everything about living in an apartment is bad?!)
Each time they came to look at it, the situation got progressively worse and it ended up that they needed to do some work on the wood beneath the concrete beneath our tile. So the refrigerator and oven were moved out of the kitchen, the tile pulled up, the concrete knocked out. . .
They did what they needed to Wednesday and Thursday and with everything going on, we had to lock kitty in the bathroom to keep her safe (and to keep the fresh concrete from magically attaining cat prints through it).
I can only imagine how stressful it was. Before my parents rescued Contini and me, we got to experience the noise and dust of the 1st half hour having the concrete knocked out. It was pretty miserable and I'm glad we were able to get the little boy out of here.
Miranda is okay, for anyone who might have been worried. The new concrete is dry and kitty has been released back into the wilds of the rest of the apartment. She's back to her normal annoying little self. ♥

So meanwhile my parents were planning on attending the SDCOS Orchid Show this weekend. After adjusting plans a few times, Contini and I ended up joining them for opening night last night. Contini did so well there for the first hour and a half before getting done with everything. Grandmom was so nice to play with him in the hallways of the Scottish Rite Center while I got to (rather quickly and briefly) enjoy the show and the vendors. Of course my two favorite orchids (Dendrobiums and Masdevallias) would not thrive in our apartment environment but my father told me Phalaenopsis would do okay. . . So naturally I fell in love with a couple "miniatures." Always one to eagerly promote hobbies he and I share, my father bought me these two little pretties pictured to the left. :D
So far so good, they've not been eaten by kitty and they're not dying. Yet. (Luckily I have a place to send them in the event they start waning: my father's Phalaenopsis greenhouse.)

Hoping to get some podcast video completed this weekend. Tunisian crocheted several washcloths over the last few days in preparation for making a new kitchen floor mat (as our old one managed to get a hole in it courtesy the nail I mentioned by Miranda's photo). Hoping also to get some writing done. . . I guess we'll see!

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