Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Crack that WIP

Seeing as it's Wednesday and the popular thing to do on craft blogs is post about works-in-progress, I think I'll do a tiny bit of that today as well. *lemming-alert!*

However, unlike all those other blogs, I'm going to discuss my WIP without those pesky photographs. (My camera is unavailable and if I were to photograph my WIP right now with sunlight being what it is, the photo would be virtually useless, anyway.)

But I will include a link: I am knitting something like this. I am on to the mesh portion and since I'm using those small cotton Lily Sugar 'N' Cream yarn balls, I'm also on the second one. There's no set size but I suspect when I near the end of the second ball, I'm switching colors and moving on to the handle. In the back of my head I knew I should have purchased one of those cones. Ah well.

Today is going to be one of those bumpy days where I desperately hope I'll be successful in just muddling through it.
Had a thoroughly unpleasant early-morning wake-up which unfortunately included the little one waking up, as well. I was hoping he might go back to sleep. Silly me.
We have pest control coming out today (allegedly) to take care of some waspy-yellow-jackety looking jerks who've camped out on the overhang of our balcony. I didn't give the pest-control guys permission to enter if we don't answer the door so I suspect they will come during Contini's afternoon nap. Typically this would be perfect, except I know I'm so tired now that I'm really going to want to nap when he does.
And later, the Ducks are playing St. Louis. At this point, each and every game counts for them if they want a shot at eeking by into the playoffs. After last game which resulted in a loss, I'm not too confident about having a post-season this year.

I'm hoping for some sort of good news to help get me through the day today. . .

Perhaps knitting will help keep me awake. (Or I'll be too sleepy and completely screw up something that is going well so far.) :p

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