Tuesday, March 22, 2011

I learned something today!

Seeing Kim Cattrall in an "I Can't Believe it's Not Butter" ad this afternoon taught me something (along with making me intensely sad for my favorite whore-playing actress).
I learned the fundamental difference between men and women.

If you say her name to a woman, the woman will likely relate it to a character from an HBO series about sex. And a large metropolitan area.
If you say her name to a man, the man will likely bring up some she-alien from an even-numbered science-fiction movie series.

I also learned she is not originally from the US. Huh.

I'd love some feedback: What are some other fundamental differences between men and women? (Anyone who cites anything obvious about genitals will get a cyber boot up the butt.)

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Kathy's Daughter said...

Just saw a friend's post on FB that stated that men have an extra lobe of the brain that interferes with logical thinking. =P

I actually have problems defining men from women at times. Tendencies are often contradicted. Can't say that women are all emotion and men are all logic (look at me and my sappy man for an example). Can't say that men always try to fix everything and women don't; too many women try to fix men! All the stereotypes I've heard seem to fall flat.