Friday, March 18, 2011

Life, Knitting and Everything

Wednesday ultimately turned out okay. Maintenance came by to un-wasp our patio relatively early. It was no big deal, especially since I think he was expecting to see much worse than two wasps on either end of our patio doing their damnedest to build nests. But apparently seeing them out there and doing their dirty work on what I perceive as my property really bugged me (excuse the pun). It was a relief to see them taken care of and later I went out to pick up a can of wasp death to use in a preventative manner in a few days.

Contini took an early nap (he got up so early that he woke from his nap before he'd typically go down for it) but I opted not to nap with him for no real reason other than I wanted to finish what I was knitting.

The Ducks game also went better than anticipated. I hope the same can be said for tomorrow's game. In order to make the playoffs (we're 8th seed, last playoff spot currently) we pretty much have to win all the rest of our games.

Have a little FO to commemorate today being Friday! :D

I am so pleased with how this bag came out. It's fully knit except for the flower/pinwheel and the little chain hooking over the button.
The button is technically on the 'back' of the bag. . . That's due to my paranoia, actually. When I use a bag that has some sort of button or snap on the outside, I always turn that portion of my bag against my body so no one can easily access it. Granted it'd be pretty easy to pull stuff out of this bag due to its mesh nature, regardless of its button closure. It's a tiny bit of added security, for what it's worth. ;) Plus it matched so beautifully it looks like I purchased the button specifically for this project, which I didn't.

I have more updates involving yarn and whatnot but I may save that stuff to piggyback on tomorrow's Caturday post.

Happy Friday one and all! :D

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