Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Photo Update

I like having photographic proof of stuff so here's a sort of pictorial about my weekend (and a FO I've previously mentioned).

We visited a train "museum" over the weekend. I personally like trains in more of a mass-transportation sort of way. The boys just love trains, so this worked out really well for them. It's about a half hour away from home and I'm thinking this is a great thing for future boys-day out activities.
The little one enjoyed playing in the wooden 'train cars,' like the one pictured to the left.

I figured -- after spending money on the pattern and effort on construction -- that Contini would have no interest in Blue (from Blue's Clues). In a way, I was right. He's since discovered dinosaurs (and the show Dinosaur Train). He has little interest in the other show (and gets really upset if I try to get him to watch it) but he does at least play with the crocheted plush I made him! I'm not especially pleased with how it came out so depending on his interest level, I may make a version 2. I didn't have to coax him to hug the plush or smile for the camera when I took the pictures to the left. :)

Messes put a real damper on my crafting time. Prior to purchasing the metal rack you see here, the plastic containers were stacked one on top of the other. I left my beading materials and yarn on top, as those are the crafts I do most (beside writing, that is, which doesn't really require a plastic bin -- although yes, I have a plastic bin housing all my WIP stories) but everything was in such disarray that I only used yarn I'd freshly purchased or that which was most easily accessible. Putting the metal shelves in the closet and rearranging the bins permitted me a few moments to reorganize my yarn (I forgot half of what I had and I have new inspiration for future projects!!!) and to look through beads and jewelry I'd missed since prior to our last move in Jul '10.
I now have access to my sewing machine (I have a bag to finish) and beads I needed to add to that bodice from many blog posts back. Speaking of which. . .

If you look carefully you can see the glass seed beads I've already added. The other side of the front is marked and ready for bead application. I like the subliminal chevron it's going to create. I should be done with that tonight and hoping I get to finish the bodice this coming weekend. :)
I look forward to future bodices I might feel comfortable embellishing more than this one, and I'm definitely doing that at this 'step' in the process if I'm making the bodice myself (which is the plan). It makes me feel so much more comfortable about the security of the beads knowing that there will be no exposed threads since I could sneak my hand in between the fabric layers. Once the bottom is sewn shut, those beads and threads are safe -- barring any snagging of beads from the outside. But hey, "it's period to lose beads!" ;)

Lastly, I've decided to participate in knitting and crochet blog week 2011. You can look forward to more inspired posts (seeing as I'll have prompts to follow) March 28th through April 3rd.

Have some Etsy-styled lovin'!

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venividivoom said...

A Knit and Crochet Blog week?!? I may just have to do that as well (here's hoping it goes better than Nano did...)

venividivoom said...

I forgot to add that the beading on the bodice looks AMAZING by the way - I can't wait to see it in person!

Contessa said...

Thank you!! ♥ I think it looks better from farther away than up close (it's not ugly up close or anything but it really shows off the pattern when you step a few feet away). You'll see what I mean. :)

And I saw your post. I agree, I hope it goes better than NaNo did! (Disaster, anyone?) ;)