Saturday, March 5, 2011

This Caturday, now with story!

So this morning I'm surfing the web on my laptop. I'm sitting in my usual spot on my couch and out of the corner of my eye, I see Miranda slinking by over to the open balcony sliding glass door (the mesh screen is closed so I'm not concerned about her going outside).
When I glance over, I don't see her at all.
I check at the mesh screen, I check under the end table between the couch and the screen.
No Miranda.

I started thinking perhaps I hadn't seen her and that maybe I'm losing my mind.
Then she walks back into my view from (I have no idea where).

Lousy cat playing her lousy cat tricks.

On a non-cat related topic: IT'S MINE AGAIN! I realize I know very few people (one?) who understand the significance of this domain, and the significance of my possessing it again. I will save that story for sharing on my website once it's up and running. For now, have a splash page. There is no content yet and the link goes no where. I just couldn't wait to make the announcement. HAPPY! =D

And an entry for the "that's-weird" chronicles: as I have more dreams somehow related to heights, I find my acrophobia in them is getting increasingly worse. In last night's dream, I somehow wound up standing on a helicopter platform atop the US Bank Tower. I was looking out over Los Angeles and having a debilitating anxiety attack about it.
Anyone have a dream dictionary out there who could tell me if there's any significance to a phobia getting worse through recurring dreams?

Have some Etsy-styled lovin'!

19 days left on these listings!

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