Thursday, March 3, 2011

A word about the weather

I love gloom. I love grey skies and ominous clouds. I love thunderheads. I'm lovin' these clouds (pictured, left) currently available for my viewing enjoyment out the balcony window.
I love cold weather (though I think 1° Fahrenheit may be pushing that love a little bit) and I love, love, LOVE rain. I only got to experience falling snow at night but to say I thought it was beautiful is a wild understatement.
I'm made for places like Seattle, WA but the joke's on me since I'm trapped in CA where rain and snow are typically rare occurrences. Even when the AMS-certified meteorologists promise rain, I'm used to those promises being broken -- or being terribly disappointed by our "storms" here.

That being said, we've had a pretty interesting winter in my area, broken up with a trip to where the weather is more extreme (NE). The promised snow never came for my part of CA last week (ANGER, WRATH!). One might say I'm a proponent for that kind of weather.
Despite everything, we've been pretty dependent on our apartment heater the last few months but for no other reason than that of Contini hating to be dressed. I'm perfectly content being bundled up but he's at that age where clothing is intolerable, even out in public. (We're working on that.)

Our unseasonably cold temperatures are saying bye-bye and today accuweather claims the temperature is 70 here. Feels like it's a little warmer than that and I was happy to finally be able to turn off our heater in exchange for opening a couple windows. It's just right outside (oh, if only we could keep it like this year-round!) and it's nice to save money on the electric bill.

I celebrated the weather by continuing to apply for jobs. At 30+ minutes a piece, I got two more online applications under my belt this morning, which brings my total from the last couple days to about 10. No office jobs, not yet. The ones I've found for which I am qualified are all through Craigslist and I'm immensely wary about applying. I got some wonderful advice regarding that from an Eljay buddy of mine so when the time comes to approach them, at least I'll feel a little safer about it.

Attempting something new regarding my Etsy shop by including it conveniently IN my blog:

My listings expire in a few weeks and I'm wondering if I were to slash my prices (25-50%), would that make me more likely to make a sale in the meantime? I don't get much feedback on my pieces or my shop but so far no one has complained that prices are keeping me from making sales.

Until Caturday (if nothing worth sharing pops up before then). . .!

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