Saturday, April 9, 2011

Caturday April 9

Miranda looks the way I feel right now.  The writing bug bit me fairly hard yesterday.  I spent much of the day writing (fanfiction I've had stewing for a decade, plus!) and after a brief discussion with Earl about a couple up-coming scenes, he took Contini to bed while I stayed up to write.  Until after 2 AM.
Insomnia is just the way I want to go into renaissance faire season.

And after all that last night, you'd think I'd be done for a little while but no.  I still have so much to write, and I still feel like spending days on end doing just that.  I love it when this happens -- as long as I can indulge that desire.  (These days, not so much.)

I spent so much of my recent free time doing Tunisian Crochet that I got a little burned out on it.  I think that was why I was so happy and so eager to write.  It allowed me a break from yarn -- something I don't especially like -- so I could think about my next project.  I'm debating on starting a pair of socks or trying over on my mother's scarf.  (I hate scarves. . .  but if I use a brainless lace pattern, I can get that scarf done in time for her birthday, which would be very nice, and with much less agony than the pattern I already attempted has caused.)  Stay tuned for more on the drama known as "What's Contessa Going to do Next?"

Oh, before I forget: take a little look at the "About" tab just below my pretty banner up at the top of this page.  I updated it over the last few days and upgraded it.  I've also been making adjustments to the appearance of my blog.  What do you think? :)


The Earl said...

Sorry to have added more reasons for you to lose sleep. You know, after all this time, you'd think we would have learned not to discuss story ideas just before bedtime...

Contessa said...

At least sitting around and writing (something fun, by-the-way, which you need to read) is a productive way to spend my insomnia! :D

And yeah, I thought we'd learned our lesson. . . Story-talk needs to stop around noon, otherwise it's likely to keep us up past our bedtimes. ;)

JelliDonut said...

I wish I could be productive when I can't sleep. All I can do is feel whiny.

venividivoom said...

Congrats on finally writing again! I can't wait to see it (you know writing is my first and biggest love!)

Contessa said...

@JelliDonut: At this point -- now two days of getting to sleep past 2 am and being forced awake less than seven hours later -- I'm starting to hit fatigue so bad I can hardly function. Lately I've skipped napping with my son but today I think I'm going to break down and join him. It's 1:30 PM now and I hope he goes to nap SOON. *dead*

@venividivoom: Aw, thank you!!! I've written so much in the past couple days that my right-hand index finger was starting to hurt last night and go numb in a couple crazy spots. But it is SO worth it! (I'm with you, writing is my oldest obsession and the one I am, by far, most deeply connected to. These upstart hobbies involving yarn tried to usurp writing's position but only temporarily succeeded.) ...yeah, the lack of sleep is making me weird. (I know, no one's buying that excuse.)