Sunday, April 17, 2011

First of the Faire Season 2011

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Guess what we did today? :)
Despite all the blue in his outfit, we still had a few people refer to our son as a little girl.  I realize at this age they're rather androgynous looking. . .  But c'mon, if we had a little girl, she'd be dressed in as much pink as is legal.

We took a deep breath this morning and left the stroller in the trunk of the car.   (This would be the first time we've really gone anywhere without having a cart or stroller back-up plan.)  With the intent to leave about a half hour before the Ducks/Predators game, we figured he'd be fine milling around faire for a few hours. 

The temperature peaked at 79° F and it was plenty sunny.  We gave Contini every opportunity to drink (Pedialyte) and I was stressed about how little he wanted and was willing to take.  Nonetheless, he persevered.  He sat through a good portion of several shows and had a great appetite (and sense of humor!).  He even got a good hearty handshake from Master Shakespeare (and had no clue what was going on though the little ham certainly appreciated the attention.)

We ended up leaving about forty-five minutes later than I planned and Contini took a fifteen minute nap in the car (the second we put him in the car seat, he was out!)
When we got home, I asked if he had a good day.

He smiled and said, "Yes!"