Friday, April 15, 2011

Frivolous Friday

A sizable chunk of craft bloggers like to do a post on Fridays showing off their FO (Finished Objects). I have nothing finished this week (really, haven't finished anything in many weeks - boo, hiss!) but I wanted to do something today.
So I give you something having nothing to do with anything and I shall call it Frivolous Friday!

The Cretaceous version of Pyramus and Thisbe.  (As performed with a dragon.)
This could also be a Cretaceous drive-thru.  Do you want carrion with that?

I think I'll go make myself useful now and start bemoaning the Ducks' next playoff game (tonight). . .


The Earl said...

Kinda look like the T-Rex's head is stuck, and the dragon is there to help him out.

"Hmm, maybe if you turn your head a little to the right, so the bumps over your eyes aren't catching on the roofline."

"Ow, ow ow... no, that didn't work."

"Um, maybe if we just push you?"

"ARGH! No, ow, damn... now I'm stuck AND my near his stiff."

"Have you thought about closing your mouth? That may actually reduce your head size a lot and then --"

"Oh. Um. Good point."

Contessa said...

LOL!!!! :D

And the damn paparazzi is around every corner just waiting to take a humiliating photo!!

Really, I think they're gossiping. (Did you SEE the beak on that pteranodon?! Talk about huge!)

The Earl said...

"You know what they say about pteranadons with long beaks..."

Contessa said...

Yeah. They're better at fishing. :D