Tuesday, April 19, 2011

How I Spent My Monday

 Why am I sharing a photo of our living room?  Because it took two hours to get it looking like this.  And about two minutes to turn it into a raging wreck again shortly after this photo was taken.  Note all the toys both on and in the coffee table.  They're all indications that our son really needs a playroom of some sort. ;)  The sheet on the wall off to the right is blocking our fireplace. Turns out that a mischievous little boy was shoving his toys into the vent above it.  Several are permanently lost.  It's unattractive and temporary but it keeps Contini from hiding his playthings where we can never really retrieve them. Seriously, some fell into the side vent down to the downstairs neighbors. It's bad.

Did you notice the 'living toy' hiding in the picture above?  Look carefully. . .  ;)  
I stacked the DVR and DVD player purposefully to keep her from climbing on them (I didn't want her tracking litter and getting it into the machinery).
Silly me.  She just crams herself up in there anyway. Keeps her safe from Contini, I guess.

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JelliDonut said...

LOL! I really did think it was a toy cat!