Friday, April 29, 2011

It's Finally Friday

And it's my very first Finished Object Friday post!  WOOHOO!
I'm trying really hard to get more photographs into my blog posts and I think over the last few updates, that's shown. :)  This post is going to have an abundance of pictures since I was feeling really frisky over the last few days. :D  Click on any photo for its larger view.

Super duper huge thanks goes to Kathleen of a surprise every time. for sharing this octopus pattern.  It's an hour project for a slow crocheter (like me) and perfect for left-overs in your stash.  Simple, well-written and easy to memorize (I made a third one -- not pictured here -- last night entirely from memory already).  The gigantic yellow one is named Orly.  I whipped it up during Contini's nap because he loved Blue-Eye Olly so much (that's the little guy shown sneaking into my coffee mug).  Unlike virtually every other project I've ever made for Contini, this one he was absolutely thrilled about.  The hug and the smile shown below are genuine.  Orly has also gotten into his share of antics already (with Earl).  The octopuses will soon be overtaking our apartment.  We're gonna need a bigger boat. ;)  

Also, let me apologize for the funky formatting of this post.  Blogger is being stupid about that.  (In reality, it's likely that I'm being stupid about it.) ;)

Blue-Eye Olly wants decaf. I don't.

Orly steals my remote.


With his new keeper.
Orly attacks!

No worries about Mom's scarf in this whole octopus bonanza.  I made myself finish her gift first before undertaking Olly (and then Orly, and then third as-yet-named).  I don't know why my camera hates me so much but I swear, the yarn I used for the fringe looks like a closer match to scarf yarn in person.  Now the hardest part: waiting a week and a couple days to give it. ;)

You'd think I like making scarves. . .

And without further ado -- for those who saw my journal on Wednesday -- the answer to the hot topic of that sock:

So, what do you all think?  Feel free to be honest (you don't have to be brutal).  ;)  I think it was a mistake using variegated for lace.  To the more experienced:  does that ever work?
It was a good choice considering how much I messed up and the fact that I was not using this yarn for anything else (except for Olly who used up very little).  I considered it a "practice" sock for the pattern.
I will be honest that it is quite comfortable.  It's a little large in places and doesn't stretch as much as I think it should to fully show off the lace -- which is lost in the colors anyway.  I know the adjustments I'll need to make when I attempt this pattern again.  With a single-color yarn.  *cough*

To conclude my first FO Friday post:  I learned stuff this week!  And that means it was a pretty good week. :)


venividivoom said...

The octopi look so cute!!!!

And the scarf is gorgeous too :D

Aleda said...

Those octopuses are so cute! ::plots to make a whole family with leftover yarn::

And yeah, I've also fallen into the 'variegated yarn + lace = bad things' trap. On one pair it kind of worked because the variegation included thick stripes, so you could see the lace in the solid strips, but then it'd disappear again in the more variegated parts. So my plan is to start stocking up on solid or semi-solid yarns for the fun patterns and stick to stockinette for the fun yarns. The combination of them *is* nice when you want them to hide your mistakes, though. LOL

The Earl said...

What about your artwork-related Finished Project?

katili said...

I can't think of any variegated lace sock that I've ever seen that was actually "good". I've see some that were not terrible, but never good. IMO, semi-tonal works best, so that you're not 100% solid (which I find boring), but still mild enough to compliment the lace pattern.

I'm in love with the octopii <3

Kathleen said...

YAY for more octopi in the world! I'm so happy that the pattern is working out (and becoming an addiction, LOL) for you, too. :D Sharing the octopus-makin' love kind of makes my day. As do your amaaaazing octopus-hijinx photos! (And they really will take over your living space. At one point I had like...five or six of them in my bed with me, in various stages of completion.)

And OMG, I know what you mean about the hardest part about a handmade gift (I love the scarf for your mom, by the way) being the waiting. I started some amigurumi mushrooms for my mom for Mother's Day, and half the reason I'm stalling to finish them is so I don't have to sit around not giving them to her for as long, I think.

Also, I like the sock---it's odd, but in a good way, although it is a shame to lose the lace pattern to the crazy amoeba-and-stuff swirls of the yarn.

Also also, I'm following you back, because you are clearly awesome. :)

Tami Klockau said...

The octopus looks adorable! As far as the socks, they're a little busy, but I weirdly like them. I had socks that looked a lot like these when I was a kid. LOL

Contessa said...

@Venividivoom: Thank you! :) You should join us in the Octopus madness!! MUHAHAHAHAHA!

@Earl: Yes, but see, the drawing photograph will be no less finished on future Fridays and I kind of like that because of the content, it can be used for either Frivolous or FO Friday. . . :D I will post it, trust me.

Contessa said...

@Aleda: Those octopuses really are awesome things to use up leftover yarn! (I ripped apart a couple loser wristers I made and proceeded to make an octopus. . . And had leftovers from that!) Quick and easy and I can't say enough wonderful things about them!
I need to get more "plain" yarn, too. I like frou-frou yarn (difficult to knit with, impossible to crochet with), I love variegated. Needless to say that's what I have the most of and I'm in a stash-busting (aka: frugal) mode right now. Something's gotta give. ;)
I am glad to know I'm not the only one to find out about lace vs. patterned yarn. It DID do an excellent job hiding the flaws, you're right! -- which may also have contributed to the great many mistakes I made.
Live and learn, live and learn.
And frog like crazy.

Contessa said...

@katili: Yeah, I'm glad that someone more experienced validated my newly acquired opinions! I can see (now) why semi-tonal would be the best bet and I actually have a couple skeins of that sitting around! WOOHOO!
I'm definitely giving that a shot -- thank you for the suggestion!
And thanks for the compliment on the octopuses/octopi! :)

Contessa said...

@Kathleen: Did you not anticipate the popularity of the pattern when you posted your projects on Wednesday? (Oooh, accidental alliteration.) I saw so many people gushing about it -- and rightfully so! I wonder how many more have been made since your post? ;)
I'm so glad you enjoyed my photos! Not only do they breed uncontrollably, they have minds of their own I tell ya!
Thanks also for the compliment on the scarf. Last year I made my mom a shawl for her birthday and got it done about five months early. I waited on weaving in the ends for the exact reason you cited for not finishing those mushrooms. (I hope you'll share photos! I bet they're too cute for words.) Still didn't help that "I want to gift it NOW!!" feeling. ;)

I LOL'd at your description of the sock. It IS likable in a weird way, but I wouldn't purposefully do that again. Especially knowing what a beautiful lace pattern it is and it's completely chewed up (and spit back out) by the patterns in the yarn.

Thank you so much for following me back -- my favorite part of blogging is making new friends! <3 I need more awesome in my life, you know, to maintain my own amount of awesome. ;)

Contessa said...

@Tami: Thank you for the compliment on the octopus!
I'm glad someone likes the sock -- despite its staggering busyness. I'm also sorry to hear something like this was inflicted upon you as a child! But whatever scars you only makes you stronger, right? :D

PS: Thanks so much for hosting WIP Wednesday and FO Friday. You're awesome!!

chemicalika said...

OMG the octopi are so cute! And that scarf is just lovely!

As far as multi colours go, I generally follow the rule that fancy coloured yarn goes with plain patterns and plainer yarn goes with fancy patterns. But there are (of course) some exceptions to the rule and it's just my opinion.

Contessa said...

@chemicalika: Aw, thank you so much for the compliments! :D

I think that rule you follow is a darn good rule!! Too bad I had to learn it the very hard (wasting a couple weeks on a single ugly sock) way.

TheCreepyGirl said...

MUST MAKE OCTOPI.....that is all.

Contessa said...

@CreepyGirl: Make DIRTY Octopi 'n' take 'em to faire! I would think you could get all sorts of fantastically fun photos with them.