Monday, April 4, 2011

The Joys of the Budding Imagination

For those who've been visiting my blog for a little while, you can see I'm slowly but surely upgrading my space here. (In this particular case: today I snagged photos of the valley in which I live and Earl was sweet enough to make them into a fantastic panorama. . . which became an equally fantastic banner at the top of my blog!)
Probably not the best day to take a photo, especially if rain is coming, which I hear it is. . . But it'll suffice for now. I imagine the blog banner enhancement project will be an ongoing thing and I have some ideas for what I can do in the future. :)
I also changed my blog labels so that they're in alphabetical order. I liked the idea of seeing topics in order of how often I use them. . . but when I was looking for something I knew I'd posted and couldn't find it quickly, I knew I had to alter it.

Anyway, the only thing creative I have to share is in the process of receiving its border. Maybe within the next day or two I will have photos of it. (One can only hope, right?)

In the meantime I leave you with some Cute (and the explanation of this entry's title):

Each day that passes, I watch my son grow both physically (he's had a recent spurt, actually, and is now wearing new shoes) and mentally. To say it is a treat is a massive understatement.
Yesterday before heading to see his grandparents, Contini was watching an old Disney cartoon with Pluto (Mickey's dog, for the 0% of the population who may not know that) and a gopher.
Out of the blue, Contini came over to me, holding out his arm in that "I want a kiss!" fashion. (Moms, you totally know what I'm talking about. Women with men in your lives, you probably know this tactic, too.)
Before I could get on my knees to comfort him (having no idea how he may have gotten hurt and not seeing any cuts or bruises), he tells me, "Pluto bite me! Kiss it, make it better!"
I'm glad I was already near the floor because I darn near fell over!
Here and there I can see his imagination developing. He plays with his toy dinosaurs (as opposed to those real dinos for which we have no room in our apartment) and gives them voices ("Mommy T-Rex" has a high-pitched voice whereas Spinosaurus has a deeper voice) while they tromp around (he makes the tromping sounds too sometimes). He pretends to sleep (including snoring!) and drink out of anything that can pass for a cup or bowl.
But there was something about this new "Pluto bite me" thing. I mean, besides the fact it's blatant lies (thanks, Granddad, for spinning it that way). . . he continued that tactic the rest of the day. Including saying "Pluto bite you" before giving us kisses to make it better! (And of course, meanwhile, he had a plush Pluto that he was carrying around all. day.) :)

I can hardly wait to see what that little boy surprises us with next.


JelliDonut said...

These are moments to cherish. Next week you'll wake up and he'll have his drivers license. That's pretty much what it feels like. Yep, Pluto bit me too!

Contessa said...

LOL!!!! (That was at your admittance that Pluto bit you, too. . . I think an obedience class might be in order!) ;)
The other part of that makes me so sad, because I know it's true. And at the same time, you can't very well keep them this way (and I'm about done with the diaper changing thing). Good thing we have photos and the occasional blog anecdote and video podcast to look back on. ♥ I am blessed to have had my baby.