Thursday, April 28, 2011

News and a Weekend Recap (with photos)

I announced this on Twitter and Livejournal yesterday.  Thought I'd pass along the evidence.  I'm excited, and so proud to be included in this event!!

Apparently our podcast is good enough that despite adjusting their acceptance process, we were still allowed to go to San Diego Comic-Con International  as press! (Click the linkie off to the right to see what I'm talking about.)

 Photos from this weekend follow.

Click any photograph to see its larger version. :)
These two were from the Carlsbad Flower Fields.

It looks like I applied a pastel filter but I didn't!
Earl and Contini amidst the flowers.

The following were taken at the San Diego Zoo.  Spring is in town, full-force, as they say.

Flowers in bloom everywhere.

All sorts of adorable babies

(Including my adorable baby)
and half a billion ducklings!
I'm gonna need one of these. ♥

 Earl and I had some fun with the life-size statues in Elephant Odyssey.  (He's not the first to do what he did in the photo to the right, and we know he's not the last -- since those in the area who saw us take that photo just had to follow suit.  No place more fitting for lemmings than a zoo, right?) ;)

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