Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Now WIP it ... into shape

What's funny is how appropriate that title is for today's WIP Wednesday. . .  You'll see.

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I would have liked to have gotten more done in the last week.  The downfall to attending faire is that even if we go one day over a two day weekend, the whole weekend is consumed with things that keep me from getting to do much of anything on my crafts.
We did manage to spend a sizable chunk of DH's paycheck on groceries, though.  (Does a single green bell pepper really need to cost almost two dollars at Walmart?!)

Pardon me, I obviously digress.  :-\

Even with having lost two days to faire (and chores and whatnot), I managed to get my scarf to 31 inches long!  Near 28 inches knitted in a week. For me, that's an accomplishment. :)

You can see I'm also running low on yarn.  I'm probably around the halfway point on this scarf, bearing in mind that the recipient is only a couple inches over five feet tall. I don't want its length to overwhelm her stature.  Nonetheless I think I'm going to need a bigger boat.

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So here's where the title of my blog post comes into play.
I file my taxes on time.
I don't steal from my employers.
I'm a good mommy who dotes on her son.

I'm good people!!  Why is this happening to me?!

(The bottom edge is slanted pretty steeply up to the right.  That's not a trick of photography or any kind of upshot from having photographed this on the back of our sofa.)  I'm relying on blocking to take care of this but I wonder if there's something I'm doing (and something I can change with my technique) that's causing this to happen.  Is it because it's lace?  This happened on the first scarf I knitted from this pattern, which was a little over half the width of this one.  The fringe doesn't do so much to hide the slant, and I never bothered to block that scarf.  I was just happy I was able to do the YOs at that point. :p

So in summary, I believe I'm over halfway done and a few rows from needing another skein.  Lucky me, I've got a coupon to Joann and reason to go out tonight before Game 4 of Ducks v. Preds. Is Bobby Ryan back yet??


PandaBearofDoom said...

What a pretty scarf. I like the slant. I would keep it and pass on the fringe. It looks intentional. XD

Contessa said...

Thank you. :) I would certainly consider doing that if the BO edge had the same slant. (Of course, if I'm blocking it one way or other, I could always block a slant into the BO edge.)

Hmmmm. I'll think about that!!

JelliDonut said...

What's the stitch pattern? I can't tell from the photo. That's probably the culprit. Some patterns just have a natural slant to them. I think it looks great!

Charlotte said...

Well done on knitting 28 inches in a week! That is a serious accomplishment! *claps*

littleredcraftingcorner said...

I think it looks nice and it is a lovely colour!!

Chrisknits said...

It is the stitch pattern. Looks like you are doing a YO, k2tog? with a row of garter in between? To counter that you could do a row of SSK, YOs on the right side rows in between the K2tog rows. But I like the slant.

Tami Klockau said...

I think the scarf looks great. That's a huge accomplishment! Have fun watching the Ducks game. Unfortunately, I was at the most epic meltdown game last night for the Kings. HA!

Contessa said...

@Jellidonut and @Chrisknits I'm using the pattern from here:
(I guess the answer is it's a k2tog, YO with 3 rows of moss stitch between)

Looking at the photos on that site, I see 2 that look like the ends are slanted (and one with a nice pretty straight edge) which makes me pretty curious. . . Would blocking fix this then??

@Charlotte: Thank you! :) I'm a slow knitter, so it was certainly an accomplishment for me.

@littleredcraftingcorner: Thank you! :)

@Tami: Thank you so much!! The last Ducks game WAS fun. . . And still the NHL managed to make what appears to be a bogus judgment. They are trying SO hard to keep us from the cup. I'm amazed -- having vested interest in keeping the Coyotes in the running -- that they didn't completely screw over the Red Wings! >:( I'm sorry you had to be at a game like that. There's nothing quite like feeling you've wasted money like going to a game where your team loses. (Hehehehe, I suppose Anaheim did that to Nashville at their last game.)