Sunday, April 10, 2011

An Open Letter to Time Warner Cable

Dearest Time Warner Cable,

I appreciate that you carry channels that actually play Anaheim Ducks hockey.  After several years of Cox Cable, that was a breath of fresh air.  You've enabled me to become completely and totally obsessed with hockey again.  Perhaps I shouldn't thank you for that, however, as we head into the post-season and I'm starting to recall what hockey withdrawal feels like. (Not yet, not yet, not yet, at least four more games!)

I also appreciate that we have more channels and better Internet service for less money than we paid Cox.

Having said all that, Time Warner Cable, I do not appreciate what your On Demand service is doing.  You know that there are parents who use On Demand for appeasing their very young and often impressionable, sponge-like children.  You know, the kids who pick up and mimic words very quickly?

Do you really need to play advertisements for Jackass 3D on the main On Demand menu?!  I don't appreciate my toddler being exposed to that kind of language where it is entirely unnecessary.  It's not like I'm on the HBO or Skinemax menus -- where I imagine a complaint like that would be handled thusly: "Why was your child present while you were looking through porn titles, anyway?"

I am not a proponent for censorship but couldn't they just refrain from saying the title of that stupid movie? I assume anyone old enough to watch it would know how to read and would therefore understand what is being advertised without having to hear its title.

Not all families accept this kind of language as main-stream or, well, acceptable.  Mine, for one, doesn't (although I'm still having to work the kinks out of Earl's vernacular).


A Mom standing up for impressionable 2-year-olds everywhere

I am sure that if you stopped to think about it for a moment you can see what may have prompted this particular blog entry.  ::unamused::

Earl reminds me time and time again that I could simply mute the television before switching over to On Demand.  I'm trying to train myself to do this as it is, in fact, a good idea and we could certainly use a brief respite from the constant noise in our household.
However, it's been a constant annoyance for the past few weeks now and I figure -- I hope -- I am not the only mother exasperated by it.  I can't wait until the next set of movies is released and we don't have to see those stupid ads on On Demand anymore.

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The Earl said...

I just wonder how many people out there actually care that Jackass is available for On Demand, or that you can "rent" the entire series.