Tuesday, April 12, 2011

That Could Have Been Worse

Hold tight, crafters.  I'm aiming for a knitting update for my next blog post. :)  Including a photo or two.
This post is all about my  little man of the hour.

Yesterday was Contini's last vaccine administration for two whole years (excluding seasonal flu vaccines, for which we choose FluMist now).  I suppose when the next round of immunizations rolls around, it will also happen to be in preparing him for going to school.  (How on earth is this happening so fast?!)  In addition to a booster shot, Contini had a finger-stick test for anemia.  He was most upset about being restrained.  He cried a little bit over the shot in his thigh and having his finger squeezed (twice) but mellowed out much faster than he did after his last set of immunizations.  I was so proud of him!

We had to switch pediatricians with our move out of San Diego County last summer.  I procrastinated pretty superbly on picking Contini's new doctor.  As luck had it, I picked well.  The physical Contini had yesterday was the most thorough he's had since he was born.  I also absolutely love his new doctor's demeanor toward his patients and their parents.  As is typical in these appointments, he asked about developmental milestones.  We couldn't get Contini to demonstrate how he jumps, but when the doctor asked, "Does he string two or more words together?" Contini sat on the floor and demanded clearly, "I want to go outside!"

Co-pay for pediatrician's physical: $30
The look on pediatrician's face at that point: Priceless.

I also told him how high Contini counts (and that he is able to fairly consistently correctly count objects), that he knows most of the primary colors (though he still confuses many of them) and holds complete conversations.  I failed to add on that he knows most of his alphabet and can recognize all the letters (though, like the colors, he gets similar looking characters confused sometimes).  Oh, and that he knows a few words I wish he didn't.  (I especially appreciate that he knows the context in which to use such words.)  Or that he knows almost all his body parts, the names (and sounds) of a lot of animals and most dinosaurs (among them: 'certops, steg'saurus, t-rex, 'patasaurus, vah'rappor, pteran-don).  By-the-way, he does a pretty mean imitation of monkeys. :)

Anyway, apparently our little boy is not supposed to know most of that stuff yet.  The doctor said what I'm sure he tells most of the other parents: "It looks like you have a very bright boy there."

We spent the rest of the afternoon visiting with my parents at their home, where Contini gave a live performance of the song and dance in the video I posted on April 7th.  My father sat on the floor with him and built towers out of the blocks they bought for his last birthday.  As a joke, my father started putting a couple blocks upside-down on the top of the tower.  Contini informed him, "That's not right! Upside-down!" and then put the blocks on correctly.  Neither of us expected that.

One last thing about the little one:  after the last time Contini got hurt, I attempted to put a band-aid on him but I couldn't get him to leave it on.  Since then?  Let's just say he still has the Hulk band-aid on his finger from yesterday's anemia test and is showing no signs of removing it -- or letting us take it off him!
This photograph you see to the right here was taken (by my phone, sorry for its quality) just before publication. Note the groggy look on his face. Guess how long he's been awake? ;)


JelliDonut said...

Parental pride is a lovely thing!

Contessa said...

LOL! If you think that was a lovely thing, you should see how proud his grandfather is! ;)