Saturday, May 21, 2011

Caturday May 21

Miranda is gazing off into eternity: my little "social commentary" on today's scheduled apocalypse.

Click photo for larger image

I'll be seeing all you other fun and frisky people next week. ;)


JelliDonut said...

My mom comes tomorrow. My house may or may not get cleaned. Guess what excuse I'll be using, although I suspect your cat is right.

Contessa said...

LOL!!! "I didn't think today was going to come so certainly you can understand I didn't want to waste my final day on Earth cleaning my house. . ."

My hubby is spending the apocalypse working.

Karen said...

Well I'm still here to comment on how beautiful Miranda is. No apocalypse for me.

Contessa said...

@Karen: How about that! No apocalypse for anyone here, either. Miranda is still around to bask in everyone's compliments. :D (Thank you!)