Friday, May 20, 2011

Friday Morning

Happy Friday!  I won't muck this post up with a lot of text or anything, so I present FO Friday in the form of video!  (If you'd like to see close-ups of anything in the video, please let me know and I'll gladly photograph it and post it on my blog ASAP.)

And the other FO I mentioned in the video:
Click photo for larger image

The color in the photo is fairly accurate. I think my camera nearly broke trying to capture it.  This is my usual Kool Aid dye on lace weight Silken Kydd from http://www.elann.com70% Super Kid Mohair/ 30% Silk and 100% delicious!  (And no, no ideas for a project yet. I am really bad about that! I am always open to pattern suggestions.)

Now go see other FO Friday posts, before your retinas burn. . .  ;)

I'm also on Wisdom Begins In Wonder this week!


Keri said...

OMG!!!!!! I love the Octopuses! (Brilliant idea to do as a video.)I would not call those "failed" in any way. The third one is my fav. I like his colours. And rest assured, I got the joke ;)

Marushka C. said...

They're all fabulous! I bet it was fun to make them, too.

Karen said...

I love your video! What a great way to show your FOs. The Octopuses are so cute. I love how they nest. The red one is my favorite but I also love the little tiny one. Amazing project!
The skein of yarn is very pretty and oh so bright!

Tink said...

What an awesome idea! I love the octopuses (octopi? octopodes?). I think the tiniest one is my fave.

venividivoom said...

OMG! That was a fabulous idea! Stop beating yourself up about it this instant!

Kathleen said...

I have zero questions about why you thought this was a good idea, because it is the best idea ever, OMG. You are officially like, the Squidoo Octopus Pattern Winner! I should make you a medal! (...I have some gold sparkly crochet thread...)

These are adorable, and isn't it fun to do the pattern in different yarns and see what happens? You are far braver than I to do a thread version, and I love how tiny and twisty-tentacly it is! :D

Also, LOLOL Oedi-pus! I once worked at a kids' theatre daycamp where they wrote their own environmentally-themed adaptation of Oedipus, so that made me laugh twice as hard as it should have, probably.

Whenever I see a video of someone I "know" through their blog, flickr, whatever, I feel the absurd urge to wave at them through the computer screen and go hiiii! So that's what I'm doing right now. This has totally made my afternoon 120% zanier and brighter.

Spinster Beth said...

I take it that is Red Cherry Kool-Aid? Very pretty!

JelliDonut said...

What a crackup! I love them all.

Contessa said...

@Keri: Yeah, I figured video was the only way to do that reveal -- and there's no real good way to explain why until after you've seen it. ;) Thank you so much for the compliment, and thank you for watching!!!
I love the colors on the third one, too -- but the yarn was just a teensy bit too floppy for this project. Nonetheless, the remaining skein will make some pretty fine socks one day.
I may have to pair each octopus with the project I use the remaining yarn on. Hmmmm. . . ;)
I'm glad you got the joke. Happily it seems like most people did. My faith in literary humanity is restored. :D
I may have to get a photo of Oedi-pus. Not so sure his gouged-out eyes really showed up in the video.

Contessa said...

@Marushka C.: Thank you so much!! They were really fun to make, and it's nice to have an instant-gratification style project to break the monotony of larger projects (like that stupid cover-up I thought I wanted to make). ;p

Contessa said...

@Karen: Wow, thank you so much for all the compliments! (I was starting to worry that despite its spessartite garnet neon coloring, the skein would be overshadowed by my video.)

The red octopus was actually using up some remaining yarn from a gift I made my MIL for Christmas and its sturdiness worked beautifully for keeping its shaping!

I definitely have a soft spot for the smallest one. It was a pain to crochet but it turned out SO cute. :)

Contessa said...

@Tink: Thank you so much for the compliments! (I personally subscribe to octopuses, which sounds pretty weird but is apparently grammatically correct. . . Octopi sounds much cuter, imho, and octopedes I think is technically also correct and also super scientific-y.) ;)

I was really close to making a match for the little one and adding a couple fish hooks. They'd make the cutest little earrrings!

Contessa said...

@venividivoom: Thank you -- I'm working myself down, I swear.
Honestly, I broke into a cold sweat when I realized that my vision wasn't working the way I'd. . . envisioned. I'm cramming those stupid things one inside the other and they're not REALLY fitting and I'm thinking, "oh craaaaap I promised a video!"
Well at least I kept my promise. I should have known the knit/crochet community is awesome enough that my little struggles with proportion wouldn't be such an issue. I'm just glad people seemed to like the idea! :D

Contessa said...

@Kathleen: LOL! Aww, thank you so, so much -- I had a feeling you might like it. (Look. What. You've. DONE. To. Me!!!!) :D
I certainly appreciate the sentiment of the medal but honestly, you deserve one well before I do -- the alterations you've made are so much more impressive than my nesting octopuses!

It really was a neat experience to try a pattern with so many different yarns. Ultimately I may try in different fibers, too, but money is too short for the good stuff.
The thread one was pretty brutal at the beginning (especially because it was an afterthought and the last yarn I'd touched was the super bulky of Oedi-pus). But it really did get easier as I got "into" it. (In my reply to Tink I mentioned making earrings out of thread octopuses. . . I have gold thread, too, that'd add a touch of "glamour" to cephalopods.)

I'm glad you liked my Oedi-pus joke -- and that you weren't alone! I really do need to get a good photo of his lack-of-eyes. I sometimes wonder if my sense of humor is just a little too "out there." This is both unsettling and reassuring! ;)

LOL! If you're being honest about waving to me in the video, that is so cute!!!!!!! *waves back at the computer screen* I'm really happy to have improved the zaniness of your day. (Hope some of it can last you into the weekend. . . No clue how I'm going to beat today's FO post next week. *goes off to think*)

Contessa said...

@Spinster Beth: I've already had to reveal my "secret recipe" on Ravelry (I'm shocked anyone would want to know). It was 3 packets of Lemonade flavor and 2 packets Strawberry flavor.
In all likelihood, the Cherry would probably have resulted in the same color and waste less powder. ;) I was hoping it would come out differently, but I love the color I got.

Contessa said...

@JelliDonut: LOL! Thank you so much!!! :D

WonderWhyGal said...

What a unique way to present your project. I love that you used different yarns and weights for each size. A perfect study in yarn while also creating a usable project. I bet kids go right for the smallest one. I have to say, your final green one caught my eye because I love the bold color.

Your dyed yarn is beautiful...I bet it will be gorgeous in a project.

Thank you for sharing and have a wonderful weekend.
Happy Fiber Arts Friday!

Affiknitty said...

Cute octopi! Good idea to present them in a video. : )

Contessa said...

@WonderWhyGal: Oh my goodness, thank you so much for your compliments!!! I never gave it any thought to the project being a yarn study but you're so right!
My son's whims are pretty weird, though -- and there's no telling which will be his favorite. He tends to gravitate toward the larger ones, although he'll play with them all indiscriminately. (His idea of playing is to "squish" the heads in, bring them to me to fix and tell me, "I squish it, the head!")

Thank you, also, for the compliment on my dyed yarn! :) I have yet to figure out what to do with it. (And its 3 hand-dyed brethren. . .)

Thanks for hosting Fiber Arts Friday! :D

Contessa said...

@Affiknitty: Thank you very much!!! :D

Leila said...

I love that you presented this in a video! They are adorable and so are you!

Contessa said...

@Leila: Awww, thank you so much! *blushing* The positive feedback I've received -- that I'm still dumbfounded over -- is spurring me to do videos once or twice monthly if I can swing it (and if it's pertinent). :) :)

Nicky said...

So good to finally "meet" you and NO ... you didn't mess up the video. I told you I was going to pull up a chair in the front row and I'm glad I did. :D

Contessa said...

@Nicky: I'm really glad I was able to do it (though I wish the octopuses had behaved the way I'd envisioned they would), and that it's had such a great response! :) Thank you so much for your support!