Wednesday, May 4, 2011

No One Gets Away/Until They WIP It

Click photo for enlargement

Nothing much to report this Wednesday so I figured I'd invite my friends (if you're reading this, you qualify!) to play a little game.  :)

What is today's Work-In-Progress?

You can look at the larger image if you think it will help.  Otherwise, I'll leave you with a little hint:  it's not dirty.  You can make a dirty guess if you like, but it'll be wrong -- even if it makes me laugh a little.  (I grew up with two older brothers, I couldn't escape "dirty mind syndrome.")

Come back on Friday for the answer!


TheCreepyGirl said...

Hmmm...while I would say "penis cozy" to make you laugh...I will say knit octopus to match crochet octopus.

venividivoom said...

The toe of a sock?

Anonymous said...

Headband!!!! I'm intrigued and also glad to know another person who is cursed with dirty mind syndrome as the result of being raised with two brothers.

Kathleen said...

I wanted to say "part of a giraffe!", but when I zoomed in on the shape, I started thinking of a gecko's head instead. Clearly, you are knitting a gecko. ;)

I can't wait to see what it actually is on Friday!

Contessa said...

@CreepyGirl: LOL! Aw, you didn't disappoint! To be honest, I kept thinking it looked like a penis cozy, too.

@Venividivoom: Not this time, although apparently that is how toe-up socks can be done. . . Not sure if I liked it all that much.

@mutantsupermodel: That'd be kind of a cool headband pattern. I may base a headband off it sometime! Thanks for the suggestion. :) It is nice to know I'm not alone in the scars having two older brothers has left me with!

@Kathleen: OK, the giraffe is a really nifty idea, and I'm REALLY stuck on the thought of making a gecko (we have two leopard geckos so I'm rather fond of 'em) now! The project was finished a few hours ago, so we're all set for a Friday unveiling.

And just fyi, no one has guessed it yet. (Sadly I think I could post a photo of the finished product and still, no one would guess it. . . We'll see on Friday!)

Tami Klockau said...

Wow, after reading your post (which made me laugh) and your answers above, I have NO idea. Like, at all. Could it be some kind of tiny hat for a tiny tiny secret friend that lives in your pocket?

Contessa said...

@Tami: OK, if you don't trust me on this ask my hubby but I (actually literally) LOL'd at your guess! (Thanks, teenagers, for completely ruining "LOL" for those of us who use it literally, btw.)

I'm seriously scared that everyone will continue to have no clue what it is once the photos are shared. . . unless I say what it is (which I will as I'm not THAT cruel). ;)