Friday, May 27, 2011

On a Friday

Well, to be honest, I probably would've had my project from the last several WIP Wednesdays done. . .  If I hadn't done several of these smaller projects to ensure I had something to present today.  The more time that passes with this particular UFO (un-finished object, which should really be abbreviated UO but let's face it, that's not as fun) the more I find myself doing these little side projects (these and the array of octopuses) as insurance for Friday posts -- in addition to satisfying my instant gratification needs.  Is anyone else guilty of doing this?

I shouldn't gripe too much about them, though, because they were all fun.  Well, okay, almost all were fun.  (Click any photo for its larger version)


After seeing some stitch markers in various places online, I decided to make a few of my own. I've a ton of Swarovski crystals laying around from various past jewelry projects.  Naturally my stitch markers would require bling (this is me we're talking about). ;)  I posted sneak peeks of these over on Twitter and at my facebook account and got some positive responses. . .


So I made a set for my friend.  I don't consider any of these quite good enough to sell (sure I've been making jewelry for over two decades but my wire wrapping capabilities are still iffy) but they're good enough to give away. :D
I'm working on that wire wrapping thing, because I ultimately would like to sell stuff like this.

In an attempt to try making jewelry like this, I ended up. . .  with this random ring.  (In other words, despite having an instructional video on Youtube, I was unable to make anything even remotely close to the bracelet shown in the link above.)  I'm not giving up but I'm choosing to take a break from it for a little while to regroup.  Maybe find better instruction on Youtube -- or concise written ones.  Any ideas, anyone?
Moving along.

Before anyone asks where the real fiber FO is, I present this little guy:


I actually won the pattern for this platypus on the Winging-It blog written by E-Dreamer at the beginning of May. :)  Took me a couple weeks to getting around to making it.  Quick, very cute little pattern that I took one tiny liberty on (its tail).  If I can possibly reduce or eliminate sewing in my projects, I absolutely try.  (Which was the case with the tail on this project, and you'll see just how much I dislike hand-sewing -- and to what extent I avoid it -- when it comes to next weeks' FO Friday post.)
Anyway, I finished this one night after Earl took Contini to bed and I sneaked it into the computer room and left it on his keyboard as a little surprise gift. It went over very well, I think. :)

And lastly, before I forget: please go visit my new Artfire page.  If you liked the stitch markers, you should like my jewelry.  (Heck, if you like jewelry, you should go check it out -- I don't post my beaded creations on this blog nearly often enough, and this is a good way to see the kinds of stuff I make.)

I'm considering doing a give-away for handmade personalized stitch marker sets.  Would anyone out there in blog-land be interested?  Requirements I'm considering for the contest would be a comment here (I'd need to know who wants to play of course) and a comment on my "business" facebook page after the stitch markers are received.
Though I've received a ton of compliments on all pieces I've sent to friends and for the commissions I made, I've been unable to collect them where it matters for online business: in public, online.  And I suspect having feedback where people can see it would help my credibility. . .  Thus the second half of the requirements for the contest.  Any thoughts?

Once you're done link-hopping and leaving a response here if you're so inclined (I love feedback!), please click the image below to visit other bloggers who, I'm sure, have more fiber-related content and probably far-less self-promotion. ;)
Have a wonderful weekend and come back tomorrow for Caturday!


Chrisknits said...

Love the st markers. I have to work at getting good wraps too, the smooth and even kind elude me sometimes. Very pretty beads!

Nicky said...

I told you already how much I love your stitch markers. Just beautiful and yes ma'am ... they're certainly good enough to sell.

Karen said...

Your stitch markers look great! The ring is so cute.

Tink said...

Love the stitch markers! Your jewellery's beautiful too. I think the ideas for a giveaway are great, I know I wouldn't mind being asked to leave feedback in an appropriate place were I to win.

Tami Klockau said...

Both the stitch markers and jewelry are beautiful! I too am trying to make stitch markers for my shop. Practice practice practice is my current motto. LOL If I was a jewelry kind of gal, I'd buy one of those beautiful necklaces for sure!

A giveaway is a great idea. :)

Kathleen said...

I'm sort of in love with that platypus! And yay for leaving him as a suprise keyboard-gift, too. I love doing stuff like that. :)

Your stitch markers look fabulous, I love the sparkle of them! And I think your feedback-leaving requirement WRT a giveaway makes perfect sense.

venividivoom said...

So, I was about to say that I would participate in a give away, but then I promptly remembered that you made me some last night... Apparently the coffee hasn't kicked in yet :P

On that note; I really can't wait to pick up mine and used them :D :D :D :D

And I think I have to buy that platypus pattern now. I've been wanting one lately for some reason...