Monday, May 9, 2011

Past, Future and Photos

Random Monday update! (Aaah, the world's coming to an end!)  I had some photos to share so I figured, why not?

What do these two shawls and one hat have in common?  They're all about to be frogged.  I made the two shawls without a pattern (both crocheted) and I liked neither.  The left-most shawl was made with the yarn I used in those gloves I recently posted about (now octopus).  The shawl shown center is made from yarn I dyed ("Funky Berries" in my stash at Ravelry) and I feel it deserves a better fate.  The hat on the right was a failed pattern interpretation.  I fail at lots of stuff.  Since I have a pattern that would be perfect for this little bit of yarn, I thought I'd put it to good use (as I've never -- and will never -- wear this hat).
I am becoming queen of recycling!  :D

On the topic of recycling yarn and whatnot, I made a New Years resolution about 5 months late:  to use up my stash.  It's mostly a thing of necessity (no money and lots of yarn taking up space) so you'll probably start noticing some yarn gettin' all familiar (isn't that shirt being made out of the same yarn in your mom's old shawl? why yes thank you for noticing!).
"What shirt, Contessa?"  Come back on Wednesday. I know, I'm mean.

I've also endeavored to attempt a few challenges and actually, you know, finish them.  (I have a big problem with that -- it's why a certain fanfiction story I've been working on is a decade old, no signs of stopping or finishing in the remotely near future!)
Anyway, one of the challenges I'm undertaking is starting in July:  blog through a book.  This goes a tad bit against my desire to NOT spend money.  But I realized I could totally capitalize off this stash situation I've gotten myself into by getting the One-Skein Wonders book. A one-time $12 expenditure to help me bust my stash, learn some skills and make some gifts.  And complete a challenge successfully.  I can't wait for July!!!  Dear Hubby told me that book is my Mother's Day gift and that's perfectly fine with me.  (His Father's Day gift, Tron 2, is going to be more expensive and a lot less enjoyable.)

Off to the right is a photo of the cactus I made for last Father's Day (mentioned not in my last FO Friday post but in the comments/replies for it).  Last year, a cactus.  This year, a trilobite.  Or maybe a herd of trilobites.  :)

Lastly, I leave you with a touch of Spring.  (Click either photo for its larger version.)

 The succulents at my parents' place are starting to bloom.  My camera can't handle the saturation of color and you don't have a feel for its size but this gives you some idea the beauty of what these plants can produce.
The cattleya (right) is also in bloom.  Same as with the succulent flower, this doesn't give you a feel for size but the color is fairly accurate.  Plus you can see all the beautiful sparkles on its petals (no, that's not dew).

I had a wonderful time with my hubby, parents and son for Mother's Day.  Most of the apartment got cleaned (maybe not a treat for some women but definitely one for me).  We didn't do anything special but I can't express how happy it makes me to watch my parents play with my son.  I even sneaked some video of the antics. :D
I think I've yapped enough for a non-typical blogging day.  I'll see everyone on Wednseday. :)

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