Monday, May 23, 2011

Unthemed Monday!

I don't do too many unthemed posts.  They just feel awkward to me.
I was actually going to whine and moan in this post about Contini's eating habits lately, and then he suddenly decided to be all about raisins.

And then DH decided to update our podcast.  So all bets regarding this post were off. ;)

You should watch the following video if:

1. You've enjoyed the videos I've previously shared
2. You've got a good sense of humor
3. You don't mind a little bit of bawdy or the occasional (written) bad word (I don't want anyone getting offended!)
4. You like things like renaissance faires
5. You like cute children (I'm biased, I know!)

Without further ado. . .

[Begin shameless self-promotion]
We always welcome comments wherever you feel like leaving them (here, our website, on Twitter, on Facebook, via message in a bottle).
[End shameless self-promotion]

Wednesday we will return to our regularly scheduled programing.  Anticipate my complaining about the mesh cover-up which will never be finished. . .  ;)

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