Wednesday, May 11, 2011

When a Good Time Turns Around / You Must WIP It

It's strange how on many Wednesdays, a Devo lyric fits what's going on in my life just perfectly.  In this case, the good times turned around yesterday about when I decided to take some photos for upcoming Caturdays and noticed something poking out of kitty's mouth.  I'll spare the details but suffice it to say a tooth has subsequently fallen out and we're taking her to the veterinarian later today (the earliest they could take us).  Much fun will ensue (not). Kitty update should follow on Friday or Saturday.

Gladly on to my WIP.  (Click any photograph for its larger version if you're so inclined.)

If you weren't here for Monday's post these next two pictures won't mean much to you.  But I dismantled the hat and the shawl I'd made from my home dyed (Kool Aid) yarn.  I am pleased to say I salvaged every last bit of yarn from the shawl.  (I made mistakes with the hat but that yarn wasn't nearly as important to me to salvage.)  I have plans for the yarn pictured right.  The yarn pictured left?  Still don't know.

I started work on a pattern from a magazine last week just after I posted that WIP Wednesday blog entry.  Resolved to not adjust it once it published, I figured I'd introduce the project this week instead.
Among my almost-halfway-through-the-year-resolution: work patterns from books or magazines I have yet to try anything from.
I created a Ravelry page for this project here (a rare thing for me) and will be updating it accordingly.
Anyway, that mesh you see to the left is the back panel for a "cover-up" using left-over stash from a shawl I made my mother last year for her birthday.  It's currently just about eleven inches long.

Which brings me to my question this week:  how do you store your works in progress while you're not working on them?  I got sick of leaving my project on the top of the couch and pulled out an old basket I had.  I almost actually look like a knitter! ;)  It's too bad between my son and kitty that I can't leave this basket in the corner of the living room and turn it into decoration.

I'll leave you with a little bit of beautiful, my Phalaenopsis babies in bloom:


Nicky said...

Beautiful pic of your flower baby.

Where my WIPs are concerned, I used either a medium to large ziploc bag or those plastic sachets new curtains come in, I use one of those. I then store each sachet/ziploc bag in my WIP basket.

Marushka C. said...

I have a variety of little project bags that tend to overflow from a larger tote by my favorite knitting chair. I also added a small plastic bin with a locking lid for the more delicate stuff, after one too many accidents where stitches got pulled off a needle. I am training my family to see my knitting and spinning stuff as part of the decor.

DeVanity_Creations said...

That flower is beautiful!

i keep my WIP in project bags, that i buy off etsy, and then they sit on a shelf looking pretty, if you sew, there are Tuts to make your own! :)

Kathleen said...

Eek, I hope everything goes as well as possible with the Kitty. It's so upsetting when they're not well. :(

But hooray for (a) salvaged yarn, especially awesome hand-dyed yarn; (b) pretty knit mesh in a Proper Knitting Basket!; (c) orchids. Yours are just lovely.

Re: WIP storage, I'm kind of a minor chaos demon, so mine are just...everywhere. Which leads to lost pieces and snarled yarn and I totally need my own basket except I'd just end up storing pistachio nuts in it instead or something.

Tami Klockau said...

Wow, gorgeous flower. And I certainly hope everything is okay with your kitty. :( When I first started reading the post, I was thinking it was going to be a story much like mine, yarn in the mouth.

Glad you were able to save the frogged yarn. I can't wait to see what you planned to make with it.

As far as WIPs, it depends. I have a basket under our coffee table (which has an under shelf the basket fits on) which I store a blanket I'm working on, and another basket under our end table which has a few odds and end projects and yarn. I then have a project bag that I take to my crochet/knitting meetups. I keep everything I'm working on that is smaller and I'll move around with. I also usually have a small small project in my purse. if I'm working on a project constantly, it's usually on the back of the couch though, I must admit.

Carole said...

I do hope your kitty is okay.

I keep my various WIP's in bags - one is currently on the sofa and one is on my desk. My sock WIP is kept in the cupboard as one of my youngest children thinks it's great fun to pull the needles out. Once I finish my stash bag that will be where I keep my main WIP I think!

I do love your basket though - I did have a basket just like that but the handle got snapped off and I never got round to replacing it.

The photograph of the flower is amazing.