Updated April 08, 2011

I call myself Contessa. My royal family includes my son, "Contini" or "DS" (currently 2 years old) and my husband, "the Earl," or "DH." We are based in the Southern California area, hating the inflation and unemployment but loving our regular haunts and the scenery.

We are California natives and no, we are neither Italian nor royalty.

I am currently primary caretaker of Contini during the day while Earl slaves away for his employer. I also go to college off and on. I am currently seeking daytime employment and hoping to hit the books again come this fall should finances allow.

In my free time I make jewelry, crochet, knit, draw or write. This is not the extent of my hobbies or talent but is what I tend to occupy myself with the most. Crocheting is my most recently acquired hobby, whereas writing is my oldest hobby. I've been crocheting since Dec 2009 and I've been writing bad fiction since early, early grade school. My genres of choice include historical fiction, vampire smut and general romance.

On my family's "fun days," we visit the nearby theme parks or the local zoo. We attend orchid shows, renaissance faires, go to museums and aquariums. I often return home with an abundance of photos taken with my beloved-but-aging Sony Cybershot.

From September through April, I watch "my boys" play hockey on TV. These nights I am starved for action and it often turns. . . sexual. Mostly I keep my bawdy comments to my twitter account. My poor Twitter followers. ;) I am a Ducks fan (don't hold that against me please) and my favorites include multiples of 4. Particularly and especially the two smallest multiples of 4. :D I have one favorite who is not a multiple of 4 (#35) and he is no longer a Duck.

Those three previous paragraphs pretty much sum up the kinds of things you'll see in this blog. Oh, and I participate in Caturdays.  Unlike my kitty, I don't bite and I'm very friendly and I love having friends -- and making new ones. Pretty please don't hesitate to comment.

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Thanks for stopping by and happy reading!

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