Retailer Reviews

From March 28th, 2011:

Blue Heron -- it took 14 days and 2 emails inquiring about my order status to find out the yarn is out of stock (no indication of this status appears on their website). Further, I was unsure if all that yarn is out of stock or just the color I selected. Frankly, I would have been happy with any number of those colors, not just the one I chose. It took 2 more emails to get a refund. Note that they did NOT cover the paypal fee I incurred in the refund and so this transaction ended up costing me $1.68. I will NOT be doing business with them again, though what transpired in this transaction could hardly qualify as having done "business." And, again, the most upsetting thing is how much I wanted that yarn. I've seen it in person and it is absolutely gorgeous.

Overall grade? F.
Recommend to others? I've seen the yarn in person and it is gorgeous. However, PROCEED WITH CAUTION. You saw what happened to me. Fool me once, shame on you. They will not fool me twice, so I can't tell you if what happened to me here was a fluke. I have also seen that similar yarn is available through WEBS for much cheaper.
Using again? Absolutely not.